Live Auctioneers Redesigns Web Site

Live Auctioneers New WebsiteLive Auctioneers just announced the redesign of their web site. Unfortunately for the bidders, they didn’t change their policies or poor customer service. The new redesigned site was announced through a press release that quotes Live Auctioneers CEO Julian R. Ellison. In the press release he states that some of the changes came as a direct result of his listening “to feedback received from auctioneers and bidders.” It’s interesting how the auctioneers always seem to come first before the bidders for LiveAuctioneers.

Auctioneers are the ones that pay to sell on the site. As a result, the rules are skewed to benefit them and screw the bidders. As a matter of fact, there are numerous complaints across the internet about unethical and law-breaking auctioneers that sell through, yet since they pay, they get to stay on the site regardless of their actions.

In the same press release, the company bragged about their 2nd quarter growth of a paltry 1.40% increase in unique visitors, while eBay increased 14% in new users and substantially more in unique visitors, 10 times more than them. It’s obvious that low increase in unique visitors is due to their lack of respect and support for bidders. As more and more visitors to the site encounter problems with auctioneers, that number will continue to decline and other competing online auction sites will continue to flourish.

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One thought on “Live Auctioneers Redesigns Web Site

  1. All the supposed “upgrades” have resulted in a frequently non-functionaly – or minimally functional – website. At great expense, too. Virtually every auctioneer has raised their premiums due to increased cost at Live Auctioneers, and the site has become more problematic rather than less so. Yes, we can now click on an icon that shows the description of an item in the “Bid Live” box during an actual auction. Not a big trade off for the increased cost of goods and difficulty managing Saved Items, Searches, Purchases eetc. Has anyone tried to clean up their Saved Items lately? Doesn’t work too well, does it. One at a time, with a long pause between, only to be dumped back to beginning of the page afterward instead of at the next item to possibly require deletion. Ever ask for assistance? If you want to be treated as less than an idiot, be my guest – ask for assistance. Ask a question? Ever have a malfunction from their website during a live auction that resulted in you “winning” something that you never even clicked a bid on? That’s one that will bring out the bullies. Perhaps you should even expect to get fitted for cement shoes by them, judging from the attitudes. NOT a satisfactory experience any longer. Previously issues were generally only with sketchy auction houses rather than the delivery system LA. Now it’s a toss up as to which is worse. Artfact? Here I come!

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