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One thought on “About LiveAuctioneers

  1. False advertising by LiveAuctioneers

    LiveAuctioneers claims that the auction house does not know what you bid is. This is FALSE. Every auctioneer can find out what your maximum bid is. The following story will shed light as to how they find out and this is done by the way the program is designed by who else but Liveauctioneers.

    On June 30th. 2013 I left a bid on an item with Tim’s Inc. Auction (biggest crook of all auctioneers) for $ 1,450.00. When the item was awarded to me I checked the bid records and it showed that the item was sold for $ 1,500.00. I asked why is the item awarded to me since it was sold for $ 1,500.00 to someone else. I was told that the $ 1,500.00 was an error by the auctioneer and there was no buyer for that amount and the auctioneer bid by mistake. after many emails explaining to them that I should not be required to by this item since I don’t know how many times the auctioneer had been making this mistake, I come to understand that the auctioneers are entitled to retract a bid at anytime they want, which in reality means they can know your maximum bid.

    If nothing else this is false advertising to say the list. Pretty soon LiveAuctioneers will stop posting the bid history since this happens a lot and the only way the buyers can know about this is by way of the bid history. This is if they don’t get around this and program the system so the retractions by the auctioneers are not even recorded in Bid History.

    You are better off bidding on the phone directly with the Auction houses, it will save you 3% off the commissions. I am doing that with all my expensive buys.

    Jack Simantob

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