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  1. I wish I had done some basic research online before purchasing at an auction through The auction house never responded to my requests to arrange delivery, their phone was disconnected, mail to them is returned undeliverable. And has ignored my requests for assistance and information.

    This website is operated by persons who have no concerns about their customers being scammed. Ergo, they are in on the scam. Better to throw your money away than use this site.

  2. One of their auctioneers, North American Auction Company, is advertising a ring as a “very rare original United States Military Academy at West Point Cadet graduation ring from 1938”.I am a West Point grad and this is NOT a 1938 West Point USMA ring.

    I contacted the USMA ring committee and they confirmed this, sending pictures of the actual ring design. I additionally researched all the 1938 USMA grads and NONE of their initials match the initials on this ring. I passed this information on to the auction company and they refused to change their description. I then notified LiveAuctioneers and they basically told me: PROVE IT!.

    They asked me for “legal documentation” that the ring is not authentic, but they refuse to ask the auction company to prove the ring is real.

    All this tells me is that they allow anyone to make any claim about what they are selling but don’t require any proof.So I would be very, very, very careful about those people selling “genuine” Rolexes, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Tiffany, Dali, Picasso, or any other valuable items that are currently on their site.

  3. Leslie Hindman

    A cautionary tale to add to the condition report debate. A few years back I bought a painting from Leslie Hindman in Chicago. I was delighted to have won it but then discovered that the actual object bore little likeness to the catalogue description. In no way was it as described. So I complained.

    You can, therefore, imagine my surprise when Leslie Hindman herself phoned me one evening in near incandescent fury that I had had the affront to challenge her catalogue description. I told her that it was a straight forward case of mis-cataloguing and that the item was not as described and certainly not, therefore, what I wanted.

    She rang off in a monumental huff stating that my purchase would be cancelled but I was never to darken her auction-house doorstep again. Indeed good to her word I have tried to register via LiveAuctioneers but am always refused an opportunity to bid.

    As some considerable time had passed since the incident I thought I would at least ask if I might be re-instated. Their response by e-mail was:- Thank you for the email regarding your bidding status. I regret to inform you that any decision to place a bidder on our No Bid List is irreversible. Therefore, we cannot allow you to bid with Leslie Hindman Auctioneers..

    Now do remember I didn’t commit fraud, failed to pay or commit any misdemeanor at all. I simply challenged a wrong catalogue description which they themselves acknowledged was in error.

    The upshot is that I cannot place bids with that auctioneer and must have a totally unwarranted black mark living somewhere on their database and, unlike any criminal activity, there is no reprieve. Ever !!

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