Live Auctioneers Problems

Someone went to an online auction and purchased an oil on canvas painting. Well there was a problem. When the painting arrived it was damaged with 2 little holes. He checked the original pictures posted by the auctioneer and if you look really close, the holes where there. They actually look like part of the art as opposed to holes. The problem was that the auction house failed to disclose the holes and said the painting was in good condition.

Problems - Holes in PaintingHe emailed the auctioneer about the problem and included closeup pictures of the holes. The reply from the auction house was swift, “You should have asked.” It continued, “LEGITIMATE auction houses provide inspections, which you should have requested prior to bidding.” The lesson learned, always ask for an inspection prior to bidding. While the auctioneers sometimes describe the problems with what they’re selling, they sometimes don’t yet they claim to be legitimate.

I checked the laws in states where auctioneers are licensed. They have a responsibility to disclose all they know about the item they’re selling. I guess it’s easy for a “legitimate” auctioneer to lie and say they didn’t know.